At the beginning of a new piece of art there is often only a vague idea. I rarely work with a clear visualization of ​​what an object should look like in the end. The materials that I use – preferably wood – often look different inside than outside. Thus, unexpected structures emerge that provoke integration into the final form. Or the material has errors. And yes, sometimes it happens that a piece breaks during the process, which requires a re-orientation. Just like in 'real' life.

When creating a work, I like a casual style or in other words a flow process. This has to do with my personality. I like freedom, unconventionality, but also harmony. The creative process is ultimately a dialogue: in the best case, the wood (material) speaks to me and we agree on a result.

As a discoverer and inventor, I also like experiments. The combination of materials and the mixing of ideas from various sources of inspiration always brings something new. Often very unexpectedly, hence more or less a proof that a big constant in life is change.