Functional art – so the designation of my design objects would probably be more appropriate. Some time ago, it was no longer enough for me to just create pieces of art. Certainly one of the reasons was that, in general, I like to challenge many things constructively.

A sculpture without function? What is the meaning and the benefit? In my opinion, there is definitely one, but often one can be combined with the other. Light fascinated me for a long time, that's why I like to design lamps. Newer LED technology – due to the low heat development – extended the use of heat-sensitive materials in this area.

Already as a teenager, I liked to tinker. Also at that time already with preference for wood. Thus early primitive, somewhat impatient I assembled racks, tables and other furniture. With increasing maturity came the patience. And a high standard of quality. Validity and longevity are always my concern with my design objects.